Saturday, March 26, 2011


"What do we get if we do this?" "Can we just play games instead?" "Can I earn claw cash or candy if I do this?""How many points is this worth?""Does this count for a grade?"

I am always trying to find how to make learning fun, I am pretty sure all teachers try to do this. This is just one of those ideas that I have tried out recently. Every week I will post something I have tried recently.

I can't take all the credit for this idea, one of the other teachers used to this idea as well but in a different way. We had an extra day before we started our 10 Days of review before assessments so we needed something that was review but fun as well. Fun is pretty necessary for the first day after spring break!

Reviewing Root Words, Prefixes with BINGO.

I used this website to create my own Bingo cards, using the definitions on the cards allows me to call out the Words. The students have to know the definitions to be able to cover the squares. There are plenty of other ways that you could do it or use Bingo in the classroom, but I thought this website was great for helping create it.

I borrowed some counting chips from a math teacher and we played for most of the hour.

It was a success, the students loved being able to play a game, and I loved the fact that it got them using the root words. My students this year can be so competitive but I am trying to teach them how to be gracious losers and be accepting of the fact that isn't necessarily about winning but about learning something too...pretty unrealistic, but maybe some of it will stick.

What other topic or content could be reviewed with Bingo?

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