Friday, March 4, 2011

Necessity of a weekend

Considering this is a blog I am starting towards the end of the year, I will mostly talk about what's going on in my classroom and the strategies that I am trying and revamping. I am a second year teacher in an urban middle school, teaching 7th grade English. I survived my 1st year with budget cuts and transition and am loving what I am doing. I find that a lot of my favorite resources and ideas come from other teachers that are working hard just like me. I am always looking for encouragement and motivation to love my students and work hard for them. I am starting this blog because I want to be able to do that for other young teachers starting out. I don't claim to know everything there is to know about teaching or education, but I am learning so much everyday and want to be able to share what I am learning and perhaps learn from others through this as well.

However, today is a Friday, and actually my birthday, so it was an interesting day. With all the snow days we have had this year I am pretty sure this is only the 3rd 5 day week we have had all semester. So.....I am exhausted.

As a teacher, we put in long hours at school and at home, grading papers, planning, meeting with teachers, administrators, and parents. We worry, we think about and talk about school for most of our week. However, as a 2nd year teacher I have found that my weekends are sacred, especially after long stressful or eventful weeks I am not likely to give up my Saturdays for anything. I probably am close to be a hermit sometimes because I want to rest and refresh. However, I find it is important to plan to spend time with friends on the weekends because during the week, I don't have time in the evenings to see them. Grading and planning for the next day usually take precedent during the week.

Here are some ideas of how to use your weekend to your advantage and help Mondays not hurt so bad!
- Don't do anything work related after you leave the school on Friday!
- Do something creative!
- Get physical...exercise get help you be energized for the next week!
- Be outside! When the weather is nice the fresh air can do so much for your attitude and mood.
- Eat a really good meal! Fix it at home and enjoy left overs or go out to your favorite restaurant.
- Library time! Read for fun and it's free!
- Take a nap! Use a free afternoon to rest and catch up from a busy week!
- Dance around a little! Nothing helps my mood more than my favorite song and a little craziness!

Hey teachers, What other things do love to do on your weekends?

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